Make your own lamp

Now here’s a project I’m really proud of. I follow the blog of Dutch blogger Crea Chick and she pimped some lamps in her kitchen a while ago. That made me think of the idea to design and make my own lamp.

I didn’t just want to crochet around an existing lamp, so I started thinking about how to do it. In the end, IKEA came to my rescue on all things lamp related 😉

First, I used one of their flowerpots to shape the desing I was making (top left picture). I wanted the pattern to have some holes in it, so the light would shine through when the lamp was turned on.

Second fase, middle picture on the left, was stiffening the lampshade. I used a mixture of fabric glue and water, just like when I made my snow crystals. I made a small patch of yarn to go around a smaller flower pot, just to test first if this worked out. I ‘dressed’ the flowerpot with sealing foil, so the glue mixture wouldn’t glue my lampshade to the flowerpot. This worked out perfectly!

Some googling learned me that I needed some different parts to make the lamp work: an electrical cord, a lightbulb and a fitting to put the lamp in. All these parts are sold seperately and at a very reasonable price at your local IKEA, so don’t bother buying them online. Youtube can show you how to do it, but it was all very easy to do (if I can, you can as well).

When the lamp was all together, I made a top, to be sewed around the chord, keeping the whole thing up. I didn’t stiffen that. On the last picture (to the right) you can see everything being sewed together.

And this is how it looks in our hallway!


I used about one ball of catania yarn to make it, so the total cost of this lamp is about €10. I made sure to use a led lightbulb, that doesn’t warm up, so it’s safe to use. The bulb doesn’t touch the cotton anywhere as well, and even if you leave it on for a couple of hours, you can still touch the bulb with your bare hands – quite fireproof I’d say.

In retrospect I might use thicker yarn and less holes next time, because as you can see, the shade is quite transparent when turned on. Still very happy with the way it turned out! What do you think?

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