Owl tissueholder

This is probably one of the projects that took me the longest. Not because it’s hard to do, but because I made it during the crochet class at school. When you are helping out others with their patterns and stitches, there’s not a lot of time left to do your own crochet. It was only at the end of the schoolyear, when there was only one or two students left who came in, that I was able to finish the project.

I have mentioned it before, but to those new to the blog, the mascotte of our school is an owl. My line of work often involves giving out a tissue or two, so I wanted to spike the tissue box up a bit.


If you want to make a box like this of your own, it’s actually quite simple. I made this one out of hdc, but you can use any stitch you like.
First you create a rectangle. You make a chain of stitches as wide as your tissue box is, and add rows untill you reach the opening for the tissues. There you start making half rows, just up untill the opening. You do the same on the other side, and then connect the two loose sides with a chain of stitches. In the next row you continue your stitches in full rows again. Do this untill you’ve reached the desired height to function as the top of your box. Now crochet all around that rectangle (I used a different colour for that), adding two or three stitches in the corners, but not enlarging anywhere else. After one round, keep going in the round (not multiplying anywhere, not even in the corners now!), untill you have the desired height again.

It’s as simple as that! I decorated it with two giant owl eyes, embroidered a little beak and added a cute flower to finish it off.

To me, it looks so much nicer than a normal tissuebox, and I hope it brings a smile to a few of the students that might not feel so good when they come it…

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