A frustrating cowl

Sometimes when you crochet, not all goes according to plan. A while ago I decided to make a crochet cowl in the colours of my favourite football team: blue and white. You see, I attend several games each winter having cold. Because football scarfs are not really designed to keep you warm, you know… So I wanted to make my own, and I had my eye on this lovely (free) pattern: the herringbone infinity scarf.

I had two types of yarn lying around in the matching colours… But two types of yarn tend to work up differently, and that’s where my frustrations began πŸ˜‰

On the left you see how far I had gotten when I realised the cowl got too tight. The white yarn stretched out more than the blue did… and there was no way that I could wrap the scarf around my neck twice. Leave it at once and it was too wide, meaning it wouldn’t be warm enough. Yes, you’ve guessed it: I had to ripp it all out again and start over…

I asked a fellow crochet addict who made a few cowls before how wide hers were, and started over with that.

Even then, the blue shrunk the cowl quite heavily, but it was just about right to wrap it around my neck twice when it got finished. It’s sometimes very frustrating when you have to start over – but then again, if I had left it the way it was, the whole project would’ve been useless.


This is the finished cowl. In the middle of summer now, so I won’t be needing this anytime soon – but I’m looking forward to wearing it.

Have you ever had a project that you almost completely had to redo? Would love to hear about it!

In the mean time, enjoy those summer evenings… it’s one of my favourite times of year to crochet: long natural light, and I’m full of energy in the summer months!

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  1. I seem to be a “third-time lucky” kinda gal! so often I have a couple of false-starts before I get into the groove of a project. your cowl looks great now it’s finished! 😊

    • Thanks! Yeah, I seem to have to start over a few times as well when it comes to clothing. But I never make a test as well, so maybe that has something to do with it?

  2. It turned out beautifully in the end. Well done. It will be perfect in winter.
    I have had a rip out project or two myself, πŸ™‚ always better to just rip it and get it right. We crocheters or knitters wont rest until its to our liking anyway. πŸ™‚

      • πŸ™‚ I am sure he can’t understand our need to rip stuff out. As long as he knows we do it for our own benefit, and not because we are angry or anything. It just works better when we do. πŸ™‚

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