A tiny camera pouch

It’s summer holidays now, so I have the time to get this blog up to date. This means a few more posts than usual 😉 Our daughter is at her school now, where during the summer months she can go play in the afternoon, supervised by young adults who also do a lot of activities with the children. It keeps her from getting bored while we do stuff around the house, or catch up with blogging…

I’ve made the most of this afternoon already. I’m making a picture book from our trip to South Africa last year and did 3 days of the trip (I try to do 3 days each day, because I have a 20% discount that ends on July 31st, so it needs to be finished by then). I’ve also did a bit of personal administration, and now I’m doing a blogpost before I get some crochet done and go pick her up.

I’m working on 4 projects at the moment: a poncho for myself, an amigurumi crab for a friend, a secret project (it’s a gift, so can’t tell anything about it) and I’m about to start a Snuffie (from Nijntje) for an old schoolfriend of mine. Well actually, for her son. The yarn just arrived today. I’m getting a bit frustrated about the crab legs – I’ve done 4 (out of 6 that are the same) and they all look different. Sigh! I hope it turns out good in the end… We’ll see!

Today I’m blogging about a quick project I did for a friend of my mother in law. She has a tiny photocamera and wanted a pouch for it, so she could carry it in her handbag without damaging it with her keys or something else. The colour didn’t matter, so I was able to use up some leftover yarn I had lying around. I used a colour chaning variety of Catania, 100% cotton yarn that I love to work with.


If you would want to make something similar like this (could be bigger, could even be a purse), it’s actually quite easy. You measure the height of the front – in this case this was 4 cm. Multiply it by 2 (for front and back). You also want a little overlap on the front, so divide the front in half and add that to the equasion. You also need the width, in this case 2 cm, which you have to multiply by two again (top and bottom). The case was 10 cm wide.

This gives you a rectangle, in my case 10 cm wide and 4 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 2 cm high = 14 cm high. You crochet this rectangle. I did it all in sc’s, because I find for pouches that the stitch needs to be tight enough. When I was at 13 cm height, I added 3 chain stitches in the middle of the row and skipped 3 sc’s of the previous row, to create a gap for the button. In your next row you’ll just continue placing an sc in each stitch, also in the chains you made. The width of your button can vary, so check if it can pass through, and if needed, add some more chains to make the gap bigger.

Afer you’ve made the rectangle, you can fold it and use pins to keep the shape in place. Now you need to create to more rectangles for the sides, and sew them in.
In my case I needed them to be 2cm wide and 4cm  high.

All in all this little project only took me an hour to make and sew up. If you decide to make something similar, please let me know! I would love to see your pictures!

Have a great afternoon. I’m off to make to more crab paws…

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