A cute seal!

For the secret project I cannot blog about yet I was looking for an amigurumi. It had to be a sea themed amigurumi. So I made a compilation of cute sea creatures and showed it to a bunch of friends and family to decide what I should create.

In this process my 7 year old girl also saw the pictures… and she saw a very cute seal pattern. It wasn’t picked as part of the secret project, and that made her so sad, that I decided to make the seal for her.

That was at the end of June, while I was still recovering from a foot injury, so I had loads of time to crochet.


And look how cute he turned out? I did struggle a bit with his pompon, but in the end it looks OK I think. The hat and scarf are removable, and he’s from a free pattern… So if you’d like to make your own, head over to Pinterest.

I really love making amigurumi. There’s just something about creating an animal that always makes me smile. Sammy is amongst my favourite animals I’ve made so far – but it’s hard to pick just one. Do you have a favourite amigurumi? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. he is adorable!!! 😊😍 I’ve not made any amigumuri. but I live with a whole LOAD off “knitamals” as I call them. everything from s mouse to an elephant (although bizarrely they are the same size!) giraffes, penguins, dragons, blue birds, etc! I love making they like you say because they are a quick project and make me smile! 😊

    • Well, I wouldn’t call amigurumi quick projects. For me they usually take between 6 and 16 hours to make… I saw a few of your knitamals pass by. They are cute! ❀

  2. I am so glad you made the seal. It is adorable. And I just know Febe will love it. She is a super cute kid, and very clever.
    I have not crocheted a single amigurumi yet. πŸ™‚ I think it is time I starting thinking about making one. You are so good at it, and really an inspiration at getting crochet projects done. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! It does help that I’m on a two month holiday, and I was 4 weeks at home with a foot injury before that. That helps getting things done!

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