Crochet clothing: a summer vest

As I told you guys in my post yesterday, I’m quite fond of making amigurumi. What I’m a little uncertain about, is making crochet clothing. Apart from hats that is. I love hats!

But I’ve already told you I’m following a Dutch blogger, Creachick, and she creates beautiful clothing. So I decided to give a summers vest a go. Not for me, but for Febe. For my 7 year old I have enough yarn in stock to make a few projects. For the moment, I’m limiting myself from buying new yar. Or well, from buying too much new yarn *grin*


The vest worked up really nice. I had a few skeins of bright yellow (last year I decided I wanted to make a minion blanket, but then I decided that I didn’t want to anymore, so I’m stuck with a large deal of minion yellow *haha*) and decided to go for that – though it is a bold choice for clothing, I figured my girl looked good in any colour.

The stitch used for the pattern is the shell stitch, and it was rather comforting just making rows of shells instead of having to count all the time. I could get used to this 😉

And this is how it looks like when finished. Not too bad, if I say so myself. I only had to redo a small part at the sleaves (they were too tight at first), but other than that this vest worked out smoothly. Creachick blogs in Dutch, but a lot of her patterns are translated in English as well – so if you feel inspired, you can make your own by following this free pattern.

For Febe, who wears a size 122 now, I made started off with 126 chains, and 4 chains extra – as the pattern mentions. That gave me 19 shells on each row. I made 27 rows to start off with, before I worked on the front and back pattern. The total project was 35 rows. It only took me a fraction of the time it usually takes me to create an amigurumi, so I’m sold… I’m gonna do this more often!

I’m actually already working on a lovely poncho for me. Well, it looks lovely. No idea if it will look good on me, but that’s something to worry about later. And I’ve got some skeins in grey, dark blue and light blue – so maybe a few more (fall?) vests for Febe?

Have you made any crochet clothing?

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