Some garden projects

As you know, we also like to do stuff around the house ourselves, instead of just buying things from the store. Today I’d like to share with you two projects we did for the garden.

First Febe and I made a vertical pallet herbgarden, out of a pallet that came with our floor and wall tiles for the bathroom.

What you need to do is first sand the pallet, so the surface smoothens. Underneath each section you add an extra board of wood, to create a flowerbox.

Then you need to paint. This takes up a lot of time, mainly because you can’t paint the whole pallet at once – and all layers need to dry up in between. I had leftover paint from our windows and doors, so the pallet matches the colours allready used. I needed a primer, two layers of finishing blue and 3 layers of dark blue – which is chalcboard paint.

Before you start planting, make sure you add some plastic, with a few holes in it, to protect the wood even more from the moist, and prevent all your soil dripping out. Then the fun part starts: the planting! We have put ours leaning against the garden shed. The location is important: if you plant herbs, you don’t want to go far from the kitchen door (this is only a few steps). Also, make sure your herbs catch a few hours of sun, but not a full day, or they’ll dry out soon. You need to check if they need extra water daily – some herbs like basil are really thirsty!

It was a fun project to do together!

In the mean time, Maarten started collecting materials from our garden and his parents garden to build an insect hotel. We want to help the insects a bit, because bees and wasps are getting it harder and harder to survive in our little country. An insect hotel helps solitary species to find shelter.

He used an old wine crate, and a lot of free material to build it. A day of sawing and working on it, and we have a little masterpiece for our backyard!

Some important things to look out for when you create your own insecthotel: use different materials, with different sizes of holes. This does require a fair amount of hole drilling 😉 Make sure you cover it with a roof, to prevent that rain falls directly into it. And it needs a place facing south in your garden, so that it warms up really good.

Even though a colleague of Maarten told him it would take about a year for the hotel to get inhabited, we’ve already spotted some insects checking it out and crawling into the holes… So we are very happy!

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