Zpagetti yarn basket

About two years ago I received a beautiful blue skein of Zpagetti yarn. This T-shirt yarn is worked with a 12 mm crochet hook and is made from recycled cotton, which is an idea I love dearly. Up untill now it has stood in my yarn stash, winking at me – but I didn’t know what to make with it!


Recently I bought a crosstrainer. I started to run in spring again, but due to two foot injuries, I can’t really go running anymore. Not that I wouldn’t be able to (I would, if you’d give me a couple of extra months), but because the risk of twisting my ankles is too high. I’m hyperlax, meaning I have way to flexible ligaments and no stability, making my ankles very easy to twist. So running in the woods on my own is not really a wise thing to do anymore…

Since I do need my sport (and by that I don’t mean biking to work, that’s exercise, not sporting) I decided to invest in a little bit of home gym. I put the crosstrainer in our dressing (more about that in a later post), facing the garden. I also watch netflix while training, so it’s really all very relaxing – though sweaty 😉

After my first sport session there, I was stuck with my sport clothes. My t-shirt needs washing after each session, but my shorts and bra are not that sweaty – but where to leave them? Not in the dressing, that wouldn’t feel comfortable. Only fresh washed clothing goes in there! Not on the floor. A big washing basket was not what I was looking for – and then it hit me: I could finally use my zpagetti yarn!

While watching the final Harry Potter movie, I made this basket. Yes, it really works up this fast! As always, the idea is simple: you crochet a flat circle by enlarging each round:

* magic ring, 6 sc
* 2 sc in each stitch
* 1 sc, 1 sc inc – repeat around
* 2 sc, 1 sc inc – repeat around
* 3 sc, 1 sc inc – repeat around
* 4 sc, 1 sc inc – repeat around

Untill your flat circle is big enough. Then you don’t enlarge anymore, but keep sc-ing around untill the basket is high enough. I created the handles by making a gap (chained 6, skipped 6 sc, in the next round crochet 1 sc into each sc and into the chains). The basket doesn’t need anything to keep it firm, this yarn stands on it’s own. It’s easy to model the basket a bit into shape once it’s done – and I’m absolutely in love with it and with this yarn.

This basket didn’t use of the full skein (I still have one third left). I bought a white skein as well now, to create a basket for our hats and scarfs for in the hallway; and probably some other projects as well. I’m thinking about a crochet lamp in this yarn as well, and mabye some items for our new bathroom. We’ll see, time will tell!

As for the rest of the blue, I have some plant hangers in mind!

Have you used zpagetti – or another big type of T-shirt yarn? What did you make with it? I would love to see your projects!

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