Amigurumi crab

Not tired of all my posts yet, I hope? I’ll slow down soon though, because starting from August the 15th we will be working on our new bathroom – which will slow down both the crochet work and the blogging a fair bit I’m guessing 😉

I really want this blog up to date by then, so I’m giving it my best!

I’m sharing another amigurumi with you today. I told you before that I showed some nautical animals to some friends and family for the secret project. One of my best friends, Ilse, fell in love with an amigurumi crab. I had the right yarn colours in my stash I’m trying to work through – and set off.

At first, he was rather frustrating to make. You start off with the body, which is easy, but then you have to do 10 paws… 8 regulars, and two scissor paws. The regular paws kept looking different. It was hard work, with only a 6sc in the round (small rounds are hard for me) and each one looked different. Well, actually, I had 4 sets of 2 equal paws. My two crochet friends convinced me they would look OK in the end, and they did. But for perfectionist me it was hard to accept and continue 😉

As you can see above I needed to put pipe cleaners in each paw. It’s the first time I used them for an amigurumi, but I’m really happy with the result. It was fun to do!

I continued working on the little crab in between other projects. That’s the good thing about amigurumi I guess, you can crochet all the different parts before assembly. I fell in love with the eyes – and I’m thinking of using their design to create a monster amigurumi for Halloween. If I get around to it that is!

And here he is, all finished! Isn’t he cute? Ilse loved him, and so do I. With each amigurumi I seem to get better at it, which is good I guess. Certainly if you compare it to the first one I’ve ever made (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just check out my ‘About catstitches’ page on this blog….).

I’m starting a new ami project soon – so keep an eye out for that! Oh, and in case you were wondering – yes, this pattern is another free one! Check it out!

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