Mermaid blanket

One of my biggest loves is Pinterest – if you’ve been following this blog, you know already! I was browsing it a bit last week when Febe caught me – and that’s always dangerous. She saw me looking at a mermaid blanket and ofcourse, wanted one.

I was home alone that night and was looking for an easy project to work on. So we went to the yarn stash, she picked the colours and I started making the blanket.

The free patternfree pattern promises a one night project, but for me that’s wasn’t really correct. It took me 3, which is still not a lot considering the size. Two things I’d like to add: I’m not the fastest crocheter around the block, and I only had a 12mm hook instead of a 25 described in the pattern. That probably explaines the delay.

I decided to use my blue yarn (I had the most left of that colour) as the rows in between. Febe wanted a colourfull edition of the blanket. You crochet with 4 threads, which makes the whole blanket really thick and fluffy. I loved the feel of it, but the 4 crochet threads don’t make it easier to work with. I had numerous times I needed to retrace my steps and pick up a lost thread.

After a while I had enough rows of hdc to almost completely cover my girl *haha* I wanted it a bit bigger, because 7 year old girls grow fast and this needs to last a bit longer than a couple of months. Finally I could start working on the mermaid tail.

At this point I wasn’t really happy with the blanket. I didn’t like the way the tail looked, I was worried it would be too small, it had a colour issue (can spot it? I know, I’m being a perfectionist again…). I also found the blanket itself too wobbly, I was in doubt. But, in the end it turned out great. Febe loved it, and although I was still a bit skeptical, I had so many positive reactions on (my personal) Facebook that by now I’m convinced!


My Febe is a real proud mermaid who watched her first Disney movie in it this morning (who cares if the living area is 25 degrees at the moment, and the blanket is really thick and warm?? It’s a mermaid!), so I’m one happy mum.

Have you ever had a project you doubted about so much? What was it? Did it win you over in the end? I’d love to hear all about it!

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    • It’s still been warm, but whenever she watches TV, she’s in it allready. Who needs winter months when you can be a (very hot) mermaid in summer? πŸ˜‚

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