Care bear amigurumi

When I was little, I used to love watching the Care Bears. I’m 36 now, and when I was a child this was thé cartoon to watch. One of my best friends loves the care bears as well. He was hospitalized last winter, and has had sleep issues for a long time. He told me that thinking about the care bears somehow helped him fall asleep – and so I knew what to make for him as a New Years gift!

I forgot to blog about it though, because I couldn’t post anything on social media while working on it and then forgot to post it when I gave it (which is weird, with the instagram addict I am!).

But here it is now, almost in all it’s glory! I seem to have failed to take a picture when it was finished… *oops* It’s a free pattern again – you can find it here.

It wasn’t easy to make the belly part – because the moon and the star need to be small and detailed. But I’m happy with the way he turned out. You’ll just have to imagine the legs and the eyes along with it *haha*.

What was your favourite cartoon to watch when you were a kid?

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