Mens scarf & beanie

A couple of years ago I made Maarten a beanie, but the yarn doesn’t look good anymore. He uses his beanie daily in fall/ winter, because we bike to work. 

Last year I made him a scarf, because he lost his on the train. But he managed to loose that one as well 😂

Time for a new project! At Zeeman I found thick, soft, grey yarn and I started with a crochet hook of 7mm. Which is always nice, it makes your project faster. 

He likes the design simple, as most men do I suppose? 

For the scarf I made 220 chains, and then a hdc in each one of those. Make a turning chain and hdc in the back loops only. This creates the ribbed effect. Just keep doing that untill you find the scarf thick enough. This one is 12cm wide. As it’s so long, he can wrap it around his neck several times to get extra warm. 

For the beanie I used the simple beanie pattern where you start with a magic ring and 6sc’s into it, and keep enlarging untill your flat circle is large enough. You can find guidelines for each hat size here. It’s a Dutch blog, but the table should be easy to read for all of you. The cm of the flat circle (platte cirkel) are on the right. If you have trouble reading it, just ask me. I’d be happy to help ❤

When your flat circle is big enough, stop enlarging and crochet the same amount of sc’s in each round, untill your beanie is almost long enough. Then I create a brim, using the technique explained here. I used 5sc’s for this one. At the end I crochet a round of slip stitches underneath the brim, so the edge is smooth. 

I hope this was helpfull for you! I made a scarf and matching beanie for myself as well, and I’ll be posting about that soon. I’m making a version of it for Febe now, and then I’ll be able to post about both the adult and the child pattern. 

This afternoon will be a chill one, with great Indian Summer weather and a parade to watch. Wishing you all a great Sunday! 


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