Amigurumi is a Japanese trend. It is in fact making crochet work in 3D: you crochet in a circle, so there is no beginning or an end and you don’t turn your work.  The work “comes out” of the pattern. It’s what made me fall in love with crochet in the first place!


Amigurumi is often used to make cute cuddly animals or other toys (for example: food for your kids to play with in their store or kitchen).

The stitches used for amigurumi are usually quite simple, making it easy even for starters to make cute things.
The only hard part is usually making a magic ring or magic loop to start with. Check out my tutorial for more info on that.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s quite simple. It’s also an effective start to make a beanie for example 😉


Amigurumi figures are usually made out of separate parts. The little owl buddy below for instance was made out of:
– the body
– the eyes
– the wings
– a chain to hang it onto a schoolbag or something else
You then have to sew all the parts together, add some rope ends for the ears to stand out more and embroider the beak.


You can buy filling material online or in some hobby stores. I find it much easier to fill the animals up with cheap pillow filling. I just go to a store where they sell cheap pillows and have a big mass of filling for about €5 (for those who live in Belgium: think Zeeman or Leenbakker 😉 ).


One comment

  1. Sometimes you don`t need to buy stuff to fill up your crochetworks 😉
    Look around in the house, many of your “garbage” can be usefull (packingmaterials, toiletpaper rolls,…)
    Also u can use the little thingies from drinkingcans as basic to make hooks in crochet, to attach to your stuff made so you can hang it up without stretching the hook;

    So shortly said, many of our garbage can be re-used, even in crochet 😉

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