Cat shelter Waasland

In 2003 I adopted two real sweet cats, Mellow and Kiara. Both of them were foundlings. In the fall of 2017, both at the age of 14,5, they passed away.

At first we hadn’t planned on getting another cat in the house. We still had our dog, Túrin, a very enthousiastic cocker spaniel. But after a while, we missed having a cat around. I started looking for cats to adopt and found the Cat shelter Waasland (Waasland is the area we live in). They are not a classic shelter, because they place foundlings and kittens in temporary foster homes instead of having a classic shelter.

I didn’t have many demands for our future cat. He or she should get along with our dog, that was about it. The cat shelter assured me that with a solid intro this would be succesfull for most adult cats. And if I maybe was intrested in adopting Zorro…. I fell in love at once!


Zorro is a tomcat, between 4 and 8 years old. He used to be a stray cat and was brought in at the shelter more dead than alive. He had cat flu, was badly malnourished and had severe ear- and sinus infections, on both sides. But this wonderfull organisation doesn’t give up on cats. Zorro needed two heavy operations, sponsored by a few sweet godmothers and godfathers, and a long revalidation period. He still has a few issues left from his operations: he holds his head slanted, doesn’t walk in a straight line and snores a fair bit. But for us, that doesn’t matter!

Since the end of August 2018 Zorro enjoys his life at our home. He enjoys lying in his basket, loves our dog Túrin and loves watching the outside world through our window. He has stepped outside in the garden for a few brief moments, but still finds this a bit too exciting. For now he loves the indoors more.

Every day I see how he enjoys his life, and without the cat shelter this sweet tomcat wouldn’t have survived. The medical costs for his recovery must have been huge. That’s why I decided to do something back for this fantastic organisation. The yield of my future sales, I will fully donate to them.

I still have to figure out how I’m going to start the online shop. That’ll take some extra time 🙂 In december I’ll do a homesale and a local Christmas market, to sell a few items.

Total donations for Cat Shelter Waasland in 2018: €104,37 
Total donations for Cat Shelter Waasland 2019: €231.82