Making crochet items is a lot of fun for me: it’s a relaxing hobby and I love to create something. At the moment I’m not only following patterns, but also creating some of my very own.

But the best part in making something, is making something for somebody else. And hoping they will absolutely love it! Those who know me, will have received some crochet gifts already 😉

If you see anything on this page that you would like to purchase yourself, contact me (twitter / facebook or mail me at catstitches[a] for more information!

At the end of May 2014 I got contacted by Tante Theepot – a fun little shop in Belgium that sells handmade items. They saw my crochet work online and asked if I would want to make some items for them to sell in their shop 🙂 I took a look around their online shop and was sold right away – and really honoured that they actually asked me to make stuff for them 🙂 The thought that maybe there’s somebody who would be happy to buy one of the items I made… well, that just makes me very happy!

From now on I’ll try to crochet some stuff for them on a regular base. I’ll update this page when sending out items, so you can always see what’s currently on sale. I also plan to keep a board of my Tante Theepot  items on my pinterest page.

I’m expecting to send out my first items by the end of July – and ofcourse will blog about the making off in the mean time 😉



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